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Aortic Dissection Group

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Travel Match, like any other successful business, has in the past operated in all its entirety as a totally focussed ‘for profit’  business. However, we have felt more and more that a business should reflect the ethical integrity of the people who own and operate the business. After a long hard look at ourselves, and in particular given the economic difficulties many people and most businesses in general are experiencing in the current tough economic times we decided it was time to give something back both to the community and to people less fortunate than others.

Whilst having ‘green‘ and ‘low carbon emission/consumption’ credentials is desirable in today’s business world, we don’t think that these credentials attached to your business in many cases are the result of a businesses real striving to do more for the environment and humanity in today’s often difficult world. We believe that actions should speak louder than words, and a low carbon usage statement on a business’s web-site or email is not really proof enough of a REAL concern or desire to really help the environment, nor people in general. In many ways we feel that the display of so called ‘low carbon emission credentials’ by most businesses is purely so as they are seen as a ‘caring face’ to the public to obtain more business.

So. We don’t do any carbon emission statements - nor will we. We all collectively - and singularly - care enough about our environment and the planet to do what we can without making a big fuss about it.

What we REALLY care about however is helping others that are less fortunate than others - who need help -  and do not have the financial ability to pay for services or goods that we can provide. We would also add here that this assistance is NOT just restricted to the travel and tourism field, although this is the principal area that we work in as a beneficiary.

If you need assistance - and you believe you have/are a worthy cause - contact us. We will be delighted to evaluate your position and discuss assistance with you for your needs. 

This year alone we have provided specialised business consulting services on a ‘pro bono’ basis for many small - medium businesses, that do not have the ability to pay for our expertise. in most cases our evaluation and provision of these services is based on the seriousness of their situation, i.e. to generate  essential income for their community or family unit.

We are also particularly focussed on providing ‘pro bono’ assistance to people particularly in the health field with advice and assistance to build and administer social media ‘self-help’ community groups for patients/families with specific health issues. This year we have consulted, built and now maintain 2 such groups for both aortic dissection/aortic aneurysm sufferers and their families and mechanical heart valve recipients and their family and friends.

We also are acutely aware of the price that our armed forces/military personnel are paying - who give so much of themselves in extremely dangerous circumstances - and frankly get so little in return from their country. Harsh words - but true. That is why wherever we can, we actively support - though ‘pro bono’ consultation and advice - the organisations and charities that support our heroes.

So. This is us. TravelMatch. Much more than we appear to be. We are only as good as the sum of ALL our parts, and this, our ‘not for profit arm’ - - is an essential part of what, and who we are.

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