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Travel Match Group Senior Management

The owners and founders of Travel Match Ltd have over 50 years of combined expertise and skills within the global travel & tourism field. We are highly  experienced in industry specific travel and tourism online travel services with both operations and online travel marketing as well as being pioneers in this field, founding Australia’s first online inbound travel business operation in 1995.

Travel Match has now been operating as a highly experienced and trusted consultancy business in the travel and tourism industry in the UK for over 10 years, providing ‘business friendly’, understandable expertise and solutions to many small to medium travel and tourism for all aspects of their online marketing and sales, including ‘future proofed’ social media enabled web presence, SEO (search engine optimisation), intellectual property strategies, professional travel photography, image/brand consulting and much more. We’re fast, we’re affordable (no silly London price here!) AND we’re PASSIONATE about our business - and OUR customers - you!   

Here’s a quick look at some of our senior team..

Graeme Archer

Graeme Archer
General Manager


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After selling his shareholding as co-founder of the multi-award winning inbound online Australian travel business (Travel Online) in early 2001, Graeme moved back to the UK in 2002 to co-found Travel Match. Graeme holds overall responsibility for maintaining and developing the vision of the company - including the  expert technical expertise and knowledge that Travel Match delivers as well as the control and management of the Travel Match in-house tourism destination specific websites; UK Travel Company and the Australian Travel Company.

Graeme's tourism career spans over 30 continuous years, with extensive  airline, wholesale, and online travel management experience. Executive appointments held include managerial positions in Australian Airlines (now Qantas) United Airlines, Owner/Managing Director of Pacifica Holidays (Australia), Director of Marketing for Sheraton Mirage (Australia), and co-founder and Managing Director of the multi award winning Travel Online (Australia & UK) (1994-2001)

Graeme has an extensive senior business background in both the UK and Australian travel & tourism markets, as well as being a global pioneer of specialised online travel services. He is a specialist consultant for social media platforms & applications for small-medium (SME’s) travel and online tourism businesses, online intellectual property issues and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Clive Bishop

Clive Bishop
Director of Sales & Marketing


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Clive is a seasoned, impeccably connected and credentialled UK travel industry professional who has been fortunate to travel and work in many parts of the world over the past 25 years in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries. Clive has also extensive experience in senior management positions in various UK and International companies as well as owning several business in the UK in the travel and tourism sectors.

In more recent years Clive has worked closely with many international governments and organisations on the development of their tourism proposal for the UK / EU market places, with an integral part of that being the social media interaction in both the B2C & B2B markets and the development of SME / “grass roots” companies that would not normally have a forum for their products, that would be suitable for the travelling public.

Clive brings an exciting new presence and many years of traditional experience and contacts to Travel Match.

Jai Clare

Jai Clare




Jai Clare is our eminently qualified resident writer and copywriting guru. Her copy writing work is wide and varied from fashion to travel and finance, and we are quite in awe of her ability to sort out any copy and especially to come up with great travel copy that our clients love. She also is very multi-talented and can generally turn her hand to anything. Jai is also the author of a fiction collection “The Cusp of Something”, published by Elastic Press. She lives in London, UK.

Some comments about her work: "Jai Clare is a courageously inventive writer whose short pieces are clever, ambitious, delightful and always surprising." – Jim Crace, author of The Pesthouse

“Jai Clare has understood the secret of the short story: lyricism, brevity, consequentiality. She brings to her writing an easy and deep-reaching grasp of character. She is a serious writer whom we are lucky to have”. —Sebastian Barker, editor of London Magazine.

Reviews on Jai’s work can be seen here:


The Travel Match Team

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