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TravelMatch - Your OWN Social Media Website!

Having a social media driven/enabled web-site is now not just ‘desirable’ for your online presence - it is ESSENTIAL. You MUST now be able to maximise the new ‘holy grail’ for travel and tourism operators - that of ‘user generated content’ (UGC).

Put simply this means what it says - content - be it reviews, blogs, discussion forums, photographs, videos, chat rooms etc. that is supplied by your clients or potential clients. It’s no longer an option - nor cool - to hide behind a legacy, non-interactive web site. Transparency and 2 way communication with your customer base is the new paradigm in the travel industry.

The general conception in our industry - and heavily fostered by most web design companies - is that it is very expensive, complex and time consuming to set up social media marketing with a bespoke social media enabled web site. We beg to differ - and have already rolled out a number of our own powerful social media enabled web sites and as well as client sites.

We believe we have the ability to provide travel and tourism SME’s (small - medium business) with one of - if not the best - white label ‘off the shelf‘ software solutions available today in the world for your entry into travel and tourism social media. It is inexpensive, extremely powerful, easy to set up either as a new online platform or as a seamless ‘bolt on’ to your existing web site, and will immediately drive extra business for you. It is also extremely user friendly with its incredibly clever built in CMS (content management system) for you to administer.

Using and integrating our robust, inexpensive “off the shelf software solutions” we are experts at providing cost effective, ‘FUTURE-PROOFED’ social media web-sites for travel and tourism SME’s  that are incredibly cost effective and do NOT entail the creation of very expensive ‘bespoke’ software development and costly web company ongoing development and administration costs.

We are not just advocating (as most social media consulting businesses do) that you set up a Twitter or Face book (or You Tube or Flickr) account/page and link to these powerful global social networks from your web site. Whilst it is very important that you have a presence on these global networks, you MUST have your OWN web-site enabled to offer a full social media platform for your clients - which also seamlessly links to these global social media networks from your own site.

We can build your OWN social media enabled membership based web-site to your exact unique corporate or company ‘look and feel’ specifications, enabling you to build your own membership based user community. This will enable your members to meet up, share travel experiences, post videos and photographs, post blogs and forum messages, receive multiple broadcast e-mail messages and notifications from you, create special events, set up their own groups and even chat in real time.

A very important tool that our social media software provides is that it seamlessly integrates into your Twitter or Face book account, so that every time you post information on your social media site it auto updates your Twitter and Face book pages!

Coupled with this is a powerful front end control panel for an easy-to-use ‘wysiwyg’ (‘what you see is what you get’) customer (that’s you!) interface so you can edit, add, control - and in general - fully administer your site - yourself!  Further services that we can provide include researching and advising you for your own domain name and a full SEO package that will rate you even more highly on the Search Engines, plus full tutorials, training modules and instructions and ongoing ‘aftercare’ instructions if required.

Our social media software platform is also fully enabled to deliver web sites that are totally compatible for PDA’s (personal digital assistant or palmtop computers - we used to call them mobile phones!). This massive growth in hand held personal devices has lead to a 25% increase globally in the past year for PDA viewing of web sites.

And of course - we also can set up your own Twitter, Face book or You Tube page and link it to your social new media site...

So - Drop us an e-mail or give us a call and let us walk you through it - it’s a really exciting breakthrough in affordable, simple and VERY powerful social media enabled web-sites that will provide you with a future proofed social media marketing strategy.

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