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TravelMatch - ‘FutureProof’ - What’s it mean?

Here’s an excerpt on what Wikipedia has to say about ‘futureproof’: We think it covers it rather well:

“The phrase future proofing describes the exclusive process of trying to anticipate future developments, so that action can be taken to minimise possible negative consequences, and to seize opportunities. Using open and well-documented formats, standards and specifications while avoiding closed proprietary formats lessens the risk of data becoming obsolete.”

Our version of “Future-Proof”
In a nutshell, the scenario in the travel industry is that commissioning and building an expensive, bespoke web site - be it social media enabled or passive - is a costly exercise, and as we all know, time flies - and the only constant in our digital age is that ‘change is the only constant’ - and in 12-24 months it’s time to face up to a costly upgrade as much of the code, applications and various elements of the site require upgrading to bring it up to speed and to keep up with the competition.

In many cases, businesses are also faced with a large monthly cost from their web agencies as they battle to keep abreast of the competition and keep tweaking their web site to keep up with competitor marketing and sales and client anticipation.

So. What do we we provide with our ‘future proofed’, ‘off the shelf’ software? Simply this. An inexpensive social media platform that we tailor make to your own requirements, that not only is from the largest global players in the world for software of this type with their product having had tens of millions of dollars spent on developing it, but who is also constantly - and relentlessly - improving and enhancing the software, with the constant benefits of this directly flowing to its customer base - you. They are committed to ongoing development and change  - as after all - that’s the essence of why competition is good for all of us!

It’s about anticipating what the future will bring and constantly developing and enhancing a product or service to incorporate the continual speed of change in technology, in particular social media distribution systems and software.

That’s the ‘future proofed’ software that we can provide for you. Tailored to your needs, inexpensive, constantly updated, easy to use, and that ticks ALL the boxes.  Contact us - we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with us.

In closing, here’s a great online poll from Facebook users on their definition of ‘future proof’ and what global social media players will still be around in 2020. Makes for very interesting reading!

Here’s another article - a little long winded  - but very interesting again - on measuring the ROI (return on investment of your Social Media marketing


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